Weather Station e9250

Weather Station

Stay one step ahead of the weather with our wirelesss weather station.

Mini-Hygro Thermometer p0250

Mini-Hygro Thermometer

Monitor the climate in your house, wine cellar, humidor or anywhere else proper air conditions need to be maintained.

Rain Gauge p0320

Rain Gauge

Digital, self-emptying rain gauge with LCD readout which displays current and accumulated rainfall.

Sol-Mate® Window Thermometer p0260

Sol-Mate® Window Thermometer

Solar powered, displays temperature, minimum and maximum values, and even shows temperature trends.

Save A Drop Water Meter p0550

Save A Drop® Water Meter

Take the guesswork out of watering your lawn by attaching the meter to your sprinkler or use in greenhouses where exact watering is critical.

thingCHARGER p3130


thingCHARGER is the simple, elegant new way to charge all your things. Just plug it into any outlet and you'll have a neat charging station - free of ugly wires. Charge any phone, any tablet, any reader from any brand.

thingCHARGERr p3190

thingCHARGER® 2X

The charger that keeps your outlets free. Charge any phone, tablet or reader with or without case. Includes interchangeable tips and features rapid 2.1 amp tablet charging. Plugs into your existing outlet.

Couchlet P3910


Featuring a 6-foot detachable cord and two USB outlets, the Couchlet fits between or under cushions and mattresses so that you can barely even see it.

Share A Watt 4 Port USB Charger P3980

Share A Watt™ 4 Port USB Charger

Charge all your devices while on the road with the Share A Watt™ 4 Port USB Charger. Capable of delivering 48 watts of power, it lets you charge up to 4 tablets, smartphones or other devices.

Night Owl p4750

Light Owl

Place the battery-operated Light Owl on the floor next to your bed or nightstand and when the built-in motion sensor detects movement, illuminates the area automatically for 20, 60 or 90 seconds.

V-BOT Robotic Vacuum p4960

V-BOT Robotic Vacuum

Bring the future of cleaning into your home with the automated Robotic Vacuum. Its smart programming gets it in and out of the tightest places to clean all your floors.

Keyhole Light p7690

Keyhole Light

Make it easier and safer to unlock your door at night by illuminating your keyhole with the solar powered touch door light.

Under Hood Animal Repeller p7825

Under Hood Animal Repeller

Keep pesky animals such as squirrels, rabbits, rats, martens/sables and cats from making themselves at home under the hood of your car.

Rechargeable Hand Warmer p8420

Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Slim and lightweight USB rechargeable hand warmer for cold days and chilly offices.

Rechargeable Pocket Warmer p8430

Rechargeable Pocket Warmer

USB rechargeable pocket warmer with mobile device charging feature.

Smart Warmer Charger p8440

Share A Watt™ Smart Warmer Charger

USB rechargeable hand warmer features flashlight and mobile device charging.

Share A Watt Smart Warmer p8460

Share A Watt™ Smart Warmer

Heavy duty USB rechargeable pocket warmer and mobile device charger.

Share A Watt Smart Warmer 2000 p8465

Share A Watt™ Smart Warmer 2000

Enjoy 3 1/2 hours of soothing heat and mobile device charging with our latest Smart Warmer

Share A Watt Smart Warmer 2000 Slim p8480

Share A Watt™ Smart Warmer 2000 Slim

Enjoy 5 hours of soothing heat and mobile device charging with this slim, lightweight Smart Warmer

Share A Watt 2 in 1 Mirror Power Bank p8520

Share A Watt™ 2 in 1 Mirror Power Bank

With its 2000mAh battery capacity the 2 in 1 Mirror Power Bank can provide power to a smartphone as well as many other USB powered devices such as a tablet or speaker.

Camera Detector p7030

Camera Detector

Detects frequencies anywhere from 50 MHz to 3 GHz to pick up most wireless camera signals.

Mini Bug Detector II p7050

Mini Bug Detector II™

The Mini Bug Detector™ offers state of the art protection against wireless microphones and transmitters.

Flood Alert p7070

Flood Siren™

Protect your home from water damage by knowing the moment a leak or flooding occurs.

Rescue Ramp P7640

Rescue Ramp

The easy way to prevent small animals from becoming trapped in your pool. Easy to assemble and install. For animals up to 1 pound.

Chem Free Water Conditioner p7920

Chem Free Water Conditioner

Reduces limescale buildup without chemicals through the use of high-powered ceramic ferrite magnets that polarize salt molecules in hard water.

Dr. Frog p8220

Dr. Frog

Monitor your plants watering needs with this friendly little frog which will chirp and croak when your plant needs water.

IR Repeater p8620

IR Repeater

An easy to use, home theater accessory with a built-in IR distribution technology to give you the ability to hide but still control your electronic equipment.

Share A Watt Emergency Light and Power Bank p8720

Share A Watt™ Emergency Light & Power Bank

Provides you with a convenient source of light as well as a power source for your phone or tablet. Features 3 light modes including flashing red emergency. Magnetic base attaches to vehicles.

IonizAir II Q1152

IonizAir II

The IonizAir™ II removes particles from the air by filtering odors and airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and smoke by trapping it on the stainless steel blades.

Save A Drop Water Timer Q1156

Save A Drop Water Timer

Water your garden with the kind of control that makes sure you never waste a drop. The Save A Drop® Water Timer gives you the capability to determine when you water your garden and for how long.

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