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Professional Weather Station
Stay one step ahead of the weather with our wirelesss
weather station
• Measures temperature, rainfall, barometric pressure and wind speed
• Wireless technology allows outdoor unit to communicate with indoor display
• Easy to use display panel with programmable functions
• Works with external sensors for even more functionality.

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Model: E9250
Radio transmission: 433 MHz radio transmission linking all sensors
Temperature: Up to 9 sensors can be connected, two temperature values are shown
concurrently, 1 indoor and 1 selectable outdoor temperature, resolution 0.18 F,
accuracy 1.8 F; display unit: F, dew point (indoors) and windchill display
(indoors/outdoors), comfort zone indicator for indoor display (F to C switchable) <
Relative humidity: Up to 9 sensors can be connected, two humidity values are shown
concurrently, resolution 1%, accuracy 5 %
Air pressure trend: Display of air pressure trend in 5 steps: rising steeply,
rising, no change, dropping, dropping steeply
Air pressure history: Display using bar chart, up to 24-hour tracking
Rainfall: Display in inch, mm, l/m2, display total since last reset, last 24 hrs,
or last hour, range 0 to 999 mm, resolution <0.3mm
Wind speed: Display selectable as mph, km/h, m/s, resolution 0.06mph.,
wind sock icon for light, moderate and strong wind
Sunrise and sunset: Selectable display of individual locations
Moon phase: Display of the current moon phase in six stages
Time & date: Quartz clock
Weather forecast: With weather icons: sunny, fair, cloudy, rainy, and Wiz Kid’s
choice of clothing
Extensive memory options: Min./max. values with time & date
Independent of house current: Base station, 4x AA batteries; sensor, 3x AA batteries
battery life >2 years (station and sensor), batteries not included
Housing dimensions (H x W x D): 8.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.3″ (stand excluded)

Specifications subject to change without notice
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