Save A Watt™ TV Standby Killer p4150

Save A Watt® TV Standby Killer

Stop energy hogging TVs which continue to draw electricity even in “off mode”.

Save A Watt™ Edge p4170

Save A Watt® Edge

Easy to use timer with tethered motion sensor detects when there is activity in the room.

Save A Watt™ Phantom Power Indicator p4190

Save A Watt® Phantom Power Indicator

The easy way to save money by showing you how much power your electronics are using in standby mode.

Kill A Watt® PS-10 p4330

Kill A Watt® PS-10

Power monitoring power strip protects your valuable electronics and tells you what they are costing you.

Kill A Watt® p4400

Kill A Watt®

Our original power monitor tells you how much your appliances are costing you.

Kill A Watt® Flex p4456

Kill A Watt® Flex

Our latest power monitor is even more powerful than before and easier to use than ever.

Kill A Watt® EZ p4460

Kill A Watt® EZ

Our next generation power monitor boasts advanced features for calculating electric usage.

Kill A Watt® HD p4472

Save A Watt® HD

Combination multi-event, 7 day/24 hour programmable timer for lamps, appliances and electronics

Kill A Watt® Control p4482

Kill A Watt® Control

Electricity usage monitor and automatic timer.

Kill A Watt® Edge p4490

Kill A Watt® Edge

Our most advanced Kill A Watt features CO2 function, Carbon Footprint calculator, and measures power usage of devices that are in standby mode. Two-part design with tether cord allows for use in hard-to-reach places.

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