Rescue Ramp Rescue Ramp Package
Rescue Ramp

The easy way to prevent small animals from becoming trapped in your pool

Taking care of your pool is hard enough without having to worry about small animals becoming trapped and needing to be rescued. With the Rescue Ramp™ you can give these poor little creatures a way to save themselves and make pool maintenance easier.

Instinctively, when a frog or other small animal falls into a pool they attempt to escape by swimming to the wall and will then begin circling. Normally there is no escape but with the Rescue Ramp they will circle until they come to it and using the floating netting scramble up the ramp and climb to safety.

Easy to assemble and install, the Rescue Ramp is lightweight and sturdy while being durable and weather resistant. Works for a wide assortment animals that weigh up to one pound. When it needs to be cleaned just remove it and wash with warm soapy water. Use multiple Rescue Ramps for large pools and ensure that you never have to endure the heartbreak of finding a little critter who wasn’t able to find a way out of your pool.
• Easy to assemble cups Installs in minutes
• Keeps water cleaner
• Durable and weather
• resistant

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Model: P7640
Construction: ABS Plastic
Attachment methods: Suction cups or strap
Mounting: Free floating or anchored
Weight: 1 Lbs.
Dimensions: 10.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″ (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice
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