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Camera Detector
Peace of mind in the palm of your hand!

The easy to use Camera Detector is so small it can be carried or stored anywhere. Discreet sweeps of the home, office or hotel room can be done quickly and efficiently.

When a camera is discovered, a LED light flickers and an audible alarm sounds. An auto adjusting sensitivity tuner allows you to scan variable distances and can check multiple channels. It can detect frequencies anywhere from 50 MHz to 3 GHz, picking up most wireless cameras.

Advanced circuitry eliminates background noise, minimizing false alarms. The Camera Detector puts peace of mind in the palm of your hand.
• Auto Sensitivity Tuner
• Detects Frequencies From 50 MHz To 3 GHz
• Multi-Channel Scanning
• Audible/LED Alarm
• Size of a Cigarette Lighter

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Model: P7030
Battery: 2x CR2032
Frequency Range: 50 Mhz - 3 Ghz
Weight: 1 oz.
Dimensions: 3 1/4″ X 1 1/4″ X 3/4″

Specifications subject to change without notice
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