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Chemical Free Water Conditioner package
Chemical Free Water Conditioner
Prevent limescale buildup in pipes and appliances

Limescale buildup is a serious problem in any household with residue that can become as hard as stone, causing a decrease in water pressure and showerheads to spray in every direction. Your pipes and appliances may clog with deposits requiring expensive solutions.

The Chemical Free Water Conditioner helps to reduce limescale buildup. Compact, cost efficient and maintenance free, it slides over any water pipe. Reduce buildup without reliance on chemicals, using state of the art high-powered ceramic ferrite magnets that polarize salt molecules in hard water. No moving parts or batteries reducing maintenance and operational cost to zero.
• Guaranteed For Ten Years
• ABS and Ceramic Ferrite Magnets
• Doesn’t Affect Taste or Health Benefits Of Water
• Fits Standard 3⁄4” Pipe

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Model: P7920
Weight: 10.5 oz.
Length: 7.75″
Width: 1″
Depth: 2″
Dimensions: 4″ X 2″ X 1 1/2″

Specifications subject to change without notice
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