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Deer Chaser Package
Deer Chaser
Protect your home and family from intrusive deer with the new Deerchaser™.

This proprietary technology, developed and field tested by a Ph.D. and author of several books, will gently ward off deer keeping them at a safe distance from those expensive plants and shrubs.

Keeping deer at a safe distance from our plantings is one of the more difficult obstacles that Mother Nature has cast upon us. That, coupled with the fact that deer carry ticks that spread Lyme disease and other diseases that afflict humans, is the perfect reason for Deerchaser™.

″I've tried many home remedies to keep deer out of my yard and garden. Since using this product, I've had zero damage to my apple tree.″
Jerilyn from GA
• Engineered with special sound level and light intensity to scare away deer but remain unobtrusive to humans
• Developed by a PhD plant scientist and found to be extremely effective in tests performed by Big Game Biologist with New York state's Department of Environmental Conservation
• Wide angle of sensitivity, up to 25 feet from the unit, can protect an area or redirect deers' path of travel away from garden plants
• Effective year 'round; simple battery operation means that you do not need to bring either water or electricity to area that you need to protect

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Model: P7840
Height: 10.25″
Width: 4.0″
Weight: 1 lb 3oz
Sound & light duration: 15 sec. to 7 min. (User adjustable)
Mounting height: Variable (User adjustable)
Range: up to 25 ft with 110 degree coverage zone
Batteries (not included): 3xD cell

Specifications subject to change without notice
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