About P3

P7810 Animal Away

Q: I am using this product but the animals are sitting next to it. Why?
A: First suggestion, make sure the unit has fresh batteries. When the unit is activated, you should notice a blinking red LED in the front of the unit. If everything has checked out, the unit is working.

Make sure the Animal Away is positioned properly. Make sure the area you are trying to protect is in the range of the protection area for the unit.

Effectiveness may be dimished if your yard is a source of food for the animal you are trying to repel. If it is, it may be harder to repel the animals from a food source. The animal may deal with the irritation to avoid starvation. Mating could also be a reason.

Q: I am trying to test this product on my dogs and they are not responding. Why?
A: It is not recommended that the Animal Away be tested on domesticated animals. This is due to the fact that the animal has become very well acquainted with his environment and knows the user or his environment poses no harm.

Q: What is the area covered by the Animal Away?
A: The P7810 Animal Away if placed horizontally will monitor a fan shaped area of 70 degree arc and a distance up to 30 feet. Vertically, it has a 9 degree arc with the same distance.