Molechasers - P7907 - P7906 - P7900 - P7901

Q: Can the Molechaser be used in cold temperatures?
A: It is recommended that the user discontinue use of the Molechaser during ground freezing temperatures. The user may leave the unit placed in the ground but the batteries have to be removed. During cold temperatures, the batteries may expand causing damage to the unit.

Q: Is the Molechaser supposed to emit a constant buzzing?
A: No. The Molechaser emits an intermittent buzzing. The P7900 (Sonic Molechaser), P7901 (Molechaser) and P7907 (Super Sonic Molechaser) emit an intermittent buzz every 15 seconds. The P7906 (Vibrasonic Molechaser) emits an intermittent vibrating sound every 15 seconds.

Q: How deep do I place the Molechaser into the ground?
A: It is recommended that the user install the unit at least to the corrugated portion of the unit. The user may also install the unit flush with the ground surface which will allow worry free lawn- mowing.

Q: How long will the batteries normally last?
A: The Molechaser will work for 4-6 months on one set of alkaline batteries.

Q: How do I know if the unit is working?
A: After the batteries are placed in the unit, the user should notice a buzz or vibrating sound within 15 seconds.

Q: How should I position the unit on hill?
A: The unit should be placed perpendicular to the surface no matter the angle of the surface.

Q: What are obstructions; is my house an obstruction?
A: Obstructions are things that may block or hinder the sonic sound emitted from the Molechaser. Trees and houses are definitely obstructions. The sonic sound cannot penetrate through these things.

Q: Will the sonic sound emitted by the Molechaser disturb or affect my pets or my fish pond?
A: The answer is simply no. Animals have different hearing levels. The Molechaser was designed to specifically target underground rodents. The sonic sounds emitted from the unit will not affect family pets or fish.

Q: How long will it take to chase the moles/ gophers off of my property?
A: If the Molechaser is used continuously, the user should see results in approximately 7- 14 days. This can vary. Effective range of the unit will be impacted by the type of soil. Dry, sandy, or peat soil does not conduct the sonic waves easily. Moist clay is the best conductor of sound.

Q: Why have I noticed a new burrow within a few feet from the Molechaser?
A: The most important factor is that the user will definitely notice increased mole or gopher activity when they install the units. The signal from the unit will disturb their normal patterns and they will be very active. Patience and persistence are required before they move on. The Molechaser will persist, day and night, sending out the irritating signal. After a few weeks, moles usually leave the area for quieter locations.